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Funding Exercise Sessions


If you or someone you know has a neurological condition, is in financial hardship and is in need of help funding exercise sessions with a physio or therapist please feel free to get in touch with the charity. 


The charity is willing to fund up to 10 hours with a physio or therapist for new applicants, spread over a 3 month period. New applicants will need to show that they are in serious financial hardship and must agree to commit to the programme of exercise over the period of time. 


Match Funding


If an individual has already shown commitment to exercise over a period of time and is in need of assistance to continue to fund exercise sessions we might be able to help with our match funding scheme.  


The qualifying criteria can be found below.


- You are in financial hardship.

- You have shown a commitment/agreement to exercise training over a period of time.
- You have created a Standing Start Trust fundraising page through for example

- You are or someone close to you is raising money for Standing Start Trust at a genuine event - i,e. half marathon, sporting event or any other event.

- It must be shown that this money has not been transferred from another account, in one lump sum i.e. parents bank account


In return we offer to match fund £500 of exercise training with a PT / Physio.


The Trustees decision is always final.

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