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London Marathon 2017



Welcome to my fundraising page, I am hoping to raise as much as possible for Standing Start Trust by

running the London Marathon in April 2017.


I will be 40 years of age next year and I am a midwife at the Princess Royal University Hospital in

Farnborough, Kent. I have never run a marathon before so this will be a first for me and I am very

much looking forward to the whole experience.  I am married with a lovely husband and two even

lovelier children aged 13 and 16yrs. 


The Charity is very close to my heart as my dad was paralysed in 2004 due to a road traffic accident.

 When such a traumatic incident occurs it affects all the family and I have seen my mum and dad

 having to cope in their daily lives with the simplest  of matters that able bodied people take for



My dad was a joint founder Member of the Charity and has been Chairman since it’s inception in

2007. The Charity does great work in helping people with neurological conditions and has branched

out into dealing with people who are not only spinally injured but those suffering from a  Stroke

and  Multiple Sclerosis.  The Charity also supports various relevant research projects into the

aforementioned neurological conditions to help gain a better understanding of theses debilitating



Help to improve the lives of people by sponsoring me to do the London Marathon either per mile or

in it’s entirety.  If you are a tax payer then please Gift Aid any donations as the Charity gets the

tax rebated at no cost to the Donor.   






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